Top 10 most creative print ads of 2021

February 10, 2021

Discover the Top 10 Most Creative Print Ads of 2021

Print advertisements may not be as popular as digital advertisements, but they still play an important role in promoting businesses and products. In 2021, several print advertisements stood out for their creativity and impact. Here are the top 10 most creative print ads of 2021 that are worth mentioning:

These print ads showcase the brands’ creativity, message, and mission. They also demonstrate the power of simplicity, clarity, and impactful visuals in advertising. By taking inspiration from these top 10 most creative print ads of 2021, businesses can create their own unique and memorable print advertisements.

1. Nike’s “Dream Crazy” - Wieden+Kennedy

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” print ad was a standout in 2021. Featuring Colin Kaepernick, it encouraged individuals to pursue their dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem. The simple, impactful design and bold message made it one of the top print ads of the year. Nike’s commitment to empowering individuals was evident in this campaign, and it continues to inspire people to pursue their passions.

2. Coca-Cola’s “Taste the Feeling - Ogilvy

Coca-Cola's "Taste the Feeling" print campaign was promoting the brand's mission to spread happiness through its products. The campaign featured real people experiencing Coca-Cola in various moments of their daily lives, emphasizing the drink's role in good times. The ads were simple, with clear visuals and a joyful message that resonated with consumers. This campaign serves as a great example of how a brand can create an emotional connection with its audience through print advertising. As one of the top print ads of 2021, "Taste the Feeling" continues to inspire consumers to find happiness in everyday moments.

3. Adidas’ “Original is Never Finished” - WPP Group

Adidas’ “Original is Never Finished” print campaign was a standout in 2021, showcasing the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and staying true to its roots as an innovative and original brand. The campaign, featuring a remix of classic Adidas ads, inspired creativity and self-expression. With clear visuals and a message that resonated with consumers, it was a great example of how a brand can create an emotional connection through print advertising. As one of the top print ads of 2021, "Original is Never Finished" continues to inspire consumers to be creative and true to themselves.

4. Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” - TBWA

Apple's "Shot on iPhone" print campaign highlighted the brand's camera technology in 2021. Featuring real photos taken on an iPhone, the ads showcased its ability to take professional-quality shots. The clear visuals and message resonated with consumers, making it a top print ad of the year. The "Shot on iPhone" campaign was a great example of how a brand can connect with its audience through print advertising and inspire consumers to capture life's moments.

5. Samsung’s "A New Microwave with Bigger Capacity" - Cheil, Almaty

Samsung's new print ad showcases their latest microwave with increased capacity. The ad highlights the spacious interior and advanced cooking technology, making it ideal for families and those who love to cook. The bold design and powerful message emphasize the convenience, efficiency, and quality of this new appliance. Samsung's print ad effectively communicates the benefits of the microwave and encourages consumers to upgrade. The ad is a must-see for anyone in the market for a new microwave or seeking inspiration in the kitchen.

6. Mercedes "See What Your Rear View Window Doesn't" - Lukas Lindemann

print campaign showcases the advanced safety features of their vehicles, including their rearview cameras. The side-by-side comparison highlights the benefits of the technology and how it can improve safety for drivers. The visually striking ads and thought-provoking tagline make a lasting impression on audiences and demonstrate Mercedes' commitment to safety. The campaign is a must-see for those in the market for a new car or interested in automotive technology.

7. Bear, Bees - Ogilvy

Ogilvy's "Bear, Bees" print campaign highlights the importance of preserving nature. The visually stunning ads feature a bear surrounded by bees and encourage consumers to be mindful of their impact on the environment. The simple yet powerful message makes a lasting impression and inspires audiences to take action. This campaign is a must-see for anyone interested in environmentalism.

8. Nike Invincible 3 - Nike

Launching the new revolutionary Invincible 3, Nike asked us to imagine ways to describe the model's innovative cushioning. Connecting the playful world and the benefits of reality, we present all possible pillowy incarnations, visualizing a sense of complete softness, cloudiness, and comfort on the foot.

This professional campaign titled 'Pictures rescue memories' was published in Italy. It was created for the brand: Photoshow, by ad agency: 3d'esign.

9. Heathrow Airport Destinations - St. Luke's

Heathrow Airport is launching a new campaign to highlight the range of destinations that are accessible directly from the airport during peak ski season this winter. It’s part of a new campaign, kicking off with skiing, that shows the range of destinations you can fly to from Heathrow. This professional campaign titled 'Destinations' was published in United Kingdom. It was created for the brand: Heathrow Airport, by ad agency: St. Luke's. This Integrated and Outdoor media campaign is related to the Travel industry and contains 4 media assets.

10. Building the future, Restoring the past - Influence Communications

The campaign talks about the direction of Hassan Allam Company towards building the future. and how it appears in its futuristic buildings with the same beauty as the old civilization buildings. This professional campaign titled 'Building the future, Restoring the past' was published in Egypt. It was created for the brand: Hassan Allam, by ad agency: Influence Communications.

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